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About This Book: Using truths from Scripture and Jewish traditions, we laid out 12 principles you can take and easily adapt into your family life. This isn’t so much a book on how to raise children; it is a book on how to raise a family to think and live as a team. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or future-parent, there is something in the book for everyone. And if, for some reason, you are the first in your line to pursue God’s way of doing family, no worries; so was Abraham. Each page covers one topic while the page opposite is a drawing that describes that topic. So as parents read through the simple principle presented, the kids can take in the information by coloring it. (And yes, if you’re the adult coloring type, you can hog the entire book to yourself.)

Worship at Home

(Sample from Pages 10-11)

Whatever your family worship style is, do it together at home. If your kids are young, bounce them on your arm and dance with them to silly songs that glorify God. If they are older, find contemporary worshipful music they like and learn some moves together. Twirl your girls and bounce around with your boys. Dance together and apart. Hold their hands, laugh and sing loudly or kneel in reverence and be silent. Let them see you worship before God, and talk about your experience later.

The Non-Spiritual Life

(Sample from Pages 28-29)

Doing fun, “non-spiritual” things with your kids - is a very spiritual act. When we do all things as unto the Lord, everything from taking a walk, painting toenails, stargazing or poking at bugs is, in a way, an act of worship. It reinforces the truth to our children that God is present in our everyday life - and not just when we are looking reverent during a service. And it recognizes the fact that God made us complex beings that require more than bread and water to lead happy, healthy lives.

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